2016 Inductees

Kyung-Ae Lee

The Hall’s first ever volleyball inductee, the South Korean native is a former Olympian and an athlete who overcame tremendous odds to succeed. Selected to play on the South Korean national team at age 18, Kyung-Ae Lee competed in the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, and added World Cup championships in 1973 and 1975. Recognized by coaches and opposition as one of the most talented female volleyball players of her time, she was scouted internationally and chose to move to Canada in the early 1980s. She was a mentor and instructor with the Canadian Volleyball Association and competed out of Toronto. A fierce, determined competitor, she has inspired countless Canadian athletes over the years. The Lindsay business owner has set a shining example as a dedicated worker and devoted mother to her two sons.

1977/78 Lindsay Juvenile A Scott’s Colonels

An exceptionally talented and close-knit group of young hockey players, the Scott’s Colonels Juveniles captured the hearts and minds of hockey fans throughout Lindsay and surrounding area in the 1977/78 season as they rose to Ontario champions. Winning 52 of 54 regular season games and sweeping 5 playoff series, the team’s impressive record is unlikely to be matched or bested. Displaying passion for the game, determination and a hard-nosed work ethic, the Juveniles also formed bonds and friendships that have lasted throughout the years since their provincial championship.

Team members: Jamie Casey, Paul Chamberlain, Paul Connolly, Brian Duncan, Jerry Gauvreau, Tom Grace, Dan Hall, Dave Hughes, Jeff Hutton, Ted Lethbridge, Bill Lockwood, Dean McGregor, Scott McKillop, Dave Meehan, Greg Meehan, Scott Robertson, Steve Sharman, Bob Walden, Vern Drinkwalter (coach), Ken Wakeling (manager), Kim Bushey (trainer).